Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The Works of God

for the day of lust (luster) to shine under the   desires more greater than heaven to become the ill will of life that opens the harden hearts that draw in the convictions of malice when a sinner is justified to do wrong when right withdraws from Christ. the liberties of moral rights inhabiting the mind or heads of beasts that represent time and patterns of change that we go through when becoming a sinner because of hypocrites or harden hearts that practices revenge against another until it becomes the fires falling down from heaven; the sickness of guilt that is casted from heaven unto the sabbath day that is given for health or rest.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

To Nations of African

from the heaven of our universe and the the heel of our Achilles found under the rock of Gibraltar and pillar straights that guard unto a gate of endless paradise that is stretched out unto 5 women that hold 50 children of it’s Mother and crosses three kingdoms upon water and land Kenya Madagascar and Jamaica who given to the last marriage of African within the United States and for the giving of our hand today.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Angel of Spirit

the word demon means soft-spoken, open to the spirit. protectors of a realm and their elect, they proceed with fire until the end to be as to their own given in hell and through resurrection. not to precede them but to honor there existence.

God’s Promise

the monetary brain succeeds with trust and to marriage that holds three marriages for God and gives the last to be a security of peace and a trust to a godly man. it has been said that only three divorces are final.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Deep Sea Dragon

it was when the past and the future had no trust for the great beast with the waters that healed and brought rain under the clouds that were under the skies that opened a great rift from the highest heavens under God. and the beast was able to open seven gates under the rise and fall of Heaven’s water that leveled the shore of every seaside returning the dead. the waters were so deep that we couldn’t comprehend the language of the deep. and as soon as we did we would surface quickly by knowing the deeper we go the more pain and pressure the ear will take.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Garden’s Keeper

i am the root of God that enters through Heaven on Earth as a victory to life over death. i am the knowledge and sacred capacity under God. and i am the return of Heaven under the Gardens of God that replenishes all four corners of Heaven.

The Shepard

i am the Shepard of this flock until relieved. i am the keeper of sacred knowledge. i am the Herold of Archangels that speak from the Highest Mountain. and i am the prophecy given to the blessing under God.

Demon Seed of Abraham

before the first coming of Christ man held a rod of iron and had seven heads that combined all deities above and spoke like the dragon who had dominion over the body and soul of men. as to be like the guardian of the Shepard who will come again.

Deja Vu

Deja Vu is given as a thought felt through the Spirit of God’s creation as the left side(physical side) of the brain merges with the right(Spiritual side) that knows past and future branching the soul that is rooted in God's everlasting knowledge to be heard from the right side of the brain that is spiritually grafted with the left side that opens all the senses of the mind, and body.